hey! i’m hannah, and the sill and soil is my passion project.

where did it all start? my parents don’t just have green thumbs, every limb on their bodies are green and house plants have always been a feature piece of decor in the home i grew up in. so when we purchased our first home a few years ago, house plants were the first thing to decorate the nooks and crannies of our new abode. truthfully, it wasn’t until then that I really became interested (/infatuated) with the urban jungle movement and the idea that no matter what type of space you have - big, small, tropical or unpredictable (ya feel me Lethbridge?) plants can really become a part of your personal style and identity. seriously! don’t chuckle. plants have so many benefits that I don’t even know where to begin; so i’ll just say that I am passionate about growing my own urban jungle, and have become somewhat of a crazy plant lady in the last few years, but I am so thrilled to share my passion and knowledge with those like-minded growers out there and help you grow.

so why start a business and not like a blog or somethang? i’ve always considered myself a type of “local-vore.” i love to shop, browse, and support makers, shakers & creators in my community, and when I noticed that I was out sourcing my plant shopping to bigger cities and online I realized that lethbridge + area could benefit from a local plant shop that was not only just local, but also supported other initiatives, dreamers, and business.

our journey here has only just began. i hope that you see the value in what we are trying to accomplish in small town lethbridge, and follow along as we try to navigate the market scene and small business life as we transition to what i hope is a fresh and green future for us.