Where can I buy your plants? / Where are you located?

Everywhere! We don’t (yet) have a physical location; we are a plant pop-up shop, so you’ll find us at great local markets in and around Southern Alberta where we bring our selection of lush greenery.

When we aren’t at markets we house our plants in our in-home greenhouse. Between markets if you’re keen to have a new plant join your plant fam then contact us directly and we can arrange a time for you to browse and pick up.

COMING SOON! We are working on our online catalogue and store - so you’ll be able to find a selection of our plants online with local delivery available soon.

What are best + safe for furry friends?

Our shop dog Phil can tell you all about which ones are good for him and which are not! But if you can’t translate corgi very well, then the ASPCA has a great list of plants that are good for you furry friends and which aren’t.

* The majority of the plants in my house are considered poisonous to pets. We tested our dog with plants before growing our collection to see whether or not he would be a plant snoop. Turns out he couldn’t care less, and totally ignores them. However, our cat became a big fan of palms and often batted and ate the leaves (they’re safe!). So if you’re wanting to add plants that might be harmful if ingested my best suggestion is to test it out and watch carefully for a month or so to gage their reactions to them.

We’re always working to keep our website updated and informative. So when you’re shopping our website, well do our best to annotate which are good to go for you furry pals!

Which plant is best for low light?

The most common question we get!

Our most popular low-light and low-maintence plants are the snake plants, pothos, mikados, and ZZ plants. These all require minimal light, but they do require light - meaning to say, you can’t stuff one of these guys in a room with no light and expect it to thrive.

We can definitely try! Slide into our DMs, or just contact us the non-mellenial way by phone or email and we can chat about trying to get your item in. There are lots of factors that go into what we regularly keep in stock; for instance, we usually have to bring in bulk amounts of items (usually minimum of 15 of one single item) so we have to make sure the plant is going to go over well. Don’t let that discourage you, because the chances are if you’re interested in a specific plant then someone out there is as well!

Can you order _______ plant in?